Saturday, April 30, 2016

No fan of political despair, question? Often.

To me one of the more obvious things I see often with politics in America is an attempt at driving people to political despair, and convincing them there is no point in trying. Like you can easily bump into those who will talk calmly about why they don't vote. Or who will quietly assert that no matter how bad the current system is with Republicans and Democrats that there is no other choice.

But in this country? We Americans ARE free, whether you believe it or not.

It's a cool thing that protects a country where if you probe into what some people say, you realize they have become trapped into some kind of despairing reality, which does not make it true! It just means someone convinced.

I like questions probing into what is real, and political reality? It's a great arena to always keep asking for answers to important questions to you. So am going to give some questions I think are important, pulled from an earlier post. Where this time will show my answer with them for one. Where ALL my answers are in the original party platform of ideas for a new political party that I presented on this blog.

1. What do you think is the role of government?

The role of government is to protect and enable its citizens.

2. How do you feel about separation of Church and State?

3. What is your stance on freedom of information? Right to privacy?

4. To what extent do you believe people should be allowed to choose their own destiny, including a woman's right to choose?

5. Do you believe in a strong national defense?

6. What is your opinion of political recalls?

7. How do you think we best hold representatives and government in general accountable?

8. What is your position on government services for children?

9. Do you support universal healthcare?

10. Do you support the mortgage deduction? Charitable deductions? What is your position in general on taxes?
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