Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Questions for your representative

One cool thing for getting a political feel is to ask questions! And it's a fun way to interact with a political representative while it plays a valuable role, but what to ask?

Well I'll suggest some questions which come from a document I wrote to try and come up with my own political party which I call the Core Middle Party, for core American values focusing on the middle-class.

In my life I was first a registered Republican, later an independent, and most recently a registered Democrat, but now am back to independent as I try to see if I can get a new party going, so I've been across the political spectrum.

These are fairly simple questions, which follow the outline given in my document about the Core Middle Party:

1. What do you think is the role of government?

2. How do you feel about separation of Church and State?

3. What is your stance on freedom of information? Right to privacy?

4. To what extent do you believe people should be allowed to choose their own destiny, including a woman's right to choose?

5. Do you believe in a strong national defense?

6. What is your opinion of political recalls?

7. How do you think we best hold representatives and government in general accountable?

8. What is your position on government services for children?

9. Do you support universal healthcare?

10. Do you support the mortgage deduction? Charitable deductions? What is your position in general on taxes?

Those are I think a nice overview of some basic questions that anyone can ask regardless of politics except maybe the one about a woman's right to choose, which may sound leading to some.

And of course you can ask whatever you want! I'm just putting out some suggestions which may help.

If not, no worries!

James Harris
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