Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Core Middle Party

Increasing challenges as our nation moves into the 21st century have not been met by our current political parties, while technological change has given a unique in history opportunity for the voice of the people, including each individual to emerge.

For the first time in our history, each individual has the opportunity through connecting technology to put forward a position, a platform or even ideas for an entirely new political party, with the flexibility, vision, and objectivity to handle the needs of our new world. And we, the people, should not miss this opportunity to be heard.

So here in this post, I'll present the foundations for a new political party, envisioned to leap forward with the best of today, while holding on to the best of our past, as a nation, as a people who have always striven to keep getting better.

Wonderful thing about today is you can have your say, and what I say here is mine, and I hope many others take the opportunity to put forward even more of their own ideas, including new political parties, as we need change that works, and works for us.

Not just words, but real opportunity, real vision, and real progress so that we compete on the world stage at our best, literally being the best that we can be.

And who am I? Just one citizen, living in San Francisco, California, who is a registered Democrat, but I'd really like one day to put down my affiliation as: Core Middle Party

The Core Middle Party believes fundamentally that intelligent governance is what is needed, and that reality tells us: in an intelligently governed world people's lives tend to get better, not worse.

The role of government is to protect and enable its citizens.

All our rights under the Constitution of the United States and under the Declaration of Independence are re-affirmed.

The separation of church and state is a core value that goes to the heart of maintaining both our freedoms and our objectivity in seeing the world as it is, and not as some wish it to be.

And it guarantees the power of our plurality, with the recognition that as a nation we are better from the strengths in our differences than by trying to stand in a complex world on one particular religious point of view.

Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the freedom to gather peacefully are critical to the health of the nation.

That there is a fundamental right to access to information, and also a fundamental right to privacy, as well as the right to, as best one can, choose one's own destiny, including as a matter of course, a woman's right to choose.

That in protecting its citizens government must maintain a strong defense, and face the world objectively, with the means to defend its citizens against all enemies foreign or domestic. And in so doing the the US military remains under civilian authority as it has always, from its founding.

Proper governance requires accountability.

Those who say one thing to gain office, in order to do something else, shall under this political party's platform face mechanisms for their recall or dismissal from office, sufficient to make this practice a thing of the past.

The need to care for those in need is fundamental to a modern, civilized healthy society, which requires education for all children, food for all children, and healthcare for all children.

The needs for a healthy populace require healthcare for all, paid for by the able.

In order for accountability, there must be transparency so that at all times the citizens know what their elected representatives are doing, so that if necessary corrective actions can be taken by a knowledgeable electorate.

As government requires funds, it is accepted that a progressive tax system is necessary for the proper funding of government, with no more complexity than necessary. And that cherished deductions are not part of political game playing, specifically, deductions for the care of children, the mortgage deduction, and charitable deductions are to remain.

These positions represent what is fundamental to the basic core of governance in an advanced, modern and just society. They do not represent all that is necessary, but are a guide to what can be, should be, as a template for working for an ever better nation.

The history of our nation is more brilliant for those who spoke up, and let themselves be heard, and today each person who is willing, has that potential to reach out to others and be heard.

The ideas here represent one approach, and more should speak, and more voices must be heard, as we, the people, should not miss this wonderful opportunity that technology has given us, which is to make our wishes, our hopes, our dreams for a better future be known.

For the betterment of us all.

James Harris
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