About me

Decided to self describe as a Meta Innovator. Chasing simple ideas moves me.

Reality I think is the best teacher. And simplicity I think is just easier. So I readily admit I try very hard to find simple solutions to very real problems.

Have a science background with an undergraduate degree in physics.

Have worked in the world of computer software in a couple of jobs, from technical support to being a lead developer. And even spent some time doing clerical work at a large insurance company. And have done other things gathering life experiences.

Grew up Southern in Tift County near a little town called Tifton in the state of Georgia, USA. But have managed to travel the country a little bit, including some great times living in San Francisco.

In politics have explored the idea of there being a new political party. And presented ideas for one that I call the Core Middle Party.

Profile photo realized later has some ambiguity, as to whether looks like am smiling or frowning slightly? Is all about your mood.

James Harris
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