Friday, June 10, 2016

Did stealing with wages become standard?

Considering the rather simple argument that after slavery ended, the work of those who had been slaves was not fully valued so they weren't paid properly actually can lead much further. As I think for a long time the idea was that you paid value for value. If someone did $100 US worth of work for you, then that's what you should pay, and not say $50 US and dare them to catch you, or force you to pay up.

However, today I think many see it as standard around the globe that employers underpay, which is stealing.

That stealing in this way could be considered socially acceptable probably was because it first arose in areas where there had been slaves and then spread outward.

Today, many take it for granted.

Later it captured women especially, and other vulnerable people, while also staying very much with certain ethnic groups in the US crippling their lives.

It is past time for a change. If someone does work for you?

Then you should pay the value for that work, or quite simply?

You ARE a thief, even if society doesn't call you out for it.
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