Monday, March 21, 2016

Innovation should work in politics too

As our world learns the astonishing efficacy of simple yet powerful ideas it is worth it to consider that politics could sure use some help as well.

As a ponderous political process continues in the presidential race, I can't help but think, can't our smart country do better to inspire us? Shouldn't the presidential race be a chance for the nation to focus on priorities? Figuring out better how to get things done?

Maybe an important key to getting to better politics is to expect better?

Which is why I don't like simply dismissing it as a mess.

Have my own political ideas, but for this short post just wish to suggest the idea:

Expect more in politics so we can get more.

Look for the political Innovators I suggest who can make you feel good about your politics, your nation, and our future as citizens on a planet that needs our best.

James Harris
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