Monday, January 14, 2013

Matters of opinion

Thankfully the latest US election is an increasingly distant memory and I can blabber about things that puzzle me about the United States.

People do realize right that the US federal government bailed out wealthy people who had in some cases been REALLY STUPID and dolled out huge funds in order to save them from their mistakes, right?

And it did so while placidly allowing some middle-class people, who did nothing wrong and just believed in the system, to not only fall through the cracks with lost jobs and homes, but to even be pushed to living in their cars with their children.

So people who had experienced living in nice houses found themselves living in a car with their kids, who to wash up, might have to use some public bathroom?

And the wealthy partied, and in fact, it made headlines for a bit when they partied after the initial bailouts, so they toned it down a bit.

The system has turned upside down.

I liken what the United States did to if an inveterate gambler in Las Vegas, blew a billion at the tables, and before he left a federal guy was waiting for him: Hey, says the federal guy, noticed you blew a lot of money today, and well, we have a check here for a billion because you're too big to fail.

Inveterate gambler says, thanks!

Then he goes back to partying on other people's money. Why not?

And imagine if that was just one guy among thousands that got similar checks, for a total of over a trillion dollars which was just a part of the money.

Outside a middle-class person, wait, someone who was middle-class, drives by with his kids, not going home, as it IS home. They need a place to park, near some public restrooms because you see, the kids need to go to school tomorrow. They have to wash up.

If you are reading this post then you know something already the politicians are trying to absorb--money is no longer the issue. Today you can talk to the world, easily enough.

So, change IS coming. Soon enough, politicians who reward the wealthy for being stupid can simply be run out on a rail versus chuckling about how the real world works, and counting their dollars given to them from the rich for running stupid television ads that just often lie anyway.

Change IS coming to America.

If you read this post, then you have some idea about why.

It wasn't generated by a think-tank. Was not commissioned by a team of writers on a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Did not go through a thorough vetting process by a social media team.

Was not tested on a focus group.

It only cost me time to write and edit. If you're reading it though, consider how you read other political ideas.

Think about how much money they spent.

People don't like stupid. They don't like rewarding stupid rich people, or cheering on politicians who simply lie. They just didn't know enough before as television didn't tell them enough.

But the web will let you know. And let the liars be damned.

James Harris