Saturday, January 24, 2009

Social reality and alcohol's importance

Link above goes to: Wikipedia, article on alcoholic beverage

An idea suddenly occurred to me for why drinking alcoholic beverages has continued to be so important to social realities--from meeting new people to diplomatic events.

And it's so obvious that I'm not saying it's new or not well-known but that I'm emphasizing it to myself as it is so huge, which is, social reality is that people lie about themselves, and present cloaks on their own inner selves because they sense there is something inside that is not to be presented publicly if possible, for whatever reason that might be.

And alcohol is useful for stripping such cloaks away.

Drink with a person and they tend to talk more, but if they get quieter then you learned something about them.

If they talk more, they are more likely to let slip ideas and opinions they might otherwise hold in check.

And if they refuse to drink, for whatever reason, you learn something as well.

Social drinking reveals information about people no matter what, whether they want it to, or not, even when they do not engage in it.

No wonder it has remained and I have no doubt it will remain as long as there is a need to hide things about yourself from other people, and for them to try and find out more about you, whether you want them to, or not.
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