Sunday, November 11, 2007

The new racial dialogue

Source: NY Times

The DNA Age
In DNA Era, New Worries About Prejudice
Published: November 11, 2007
Research is exploring how DNA explains racial differences, but it could give discredited prejudices a new potency.

Science is now moving towards answering questions long-held about differences between various groups and some fear that reinforcement of negative stereotypes may occur while I do not.

That is because I have a very nuanced view of American racism where I see it as in my experience people who rely on race to say they are superior do so because they need that extra, as normal people do not wish to learn that the size of their accomplishments may be lessened because of genetic gifts.

For instance, to do an extreme, what person struts around proud of being able to talk versus their dog's inability?

As human beings we are genetically capable of speech while our four-footed friends are not, but who prides themselves on that?

If "whites" were genetically superior to "blacks" in some areas of intelligence, then their accomplishments in those areas would be rated less in comparison.

Since no one can say that any racial group is completely shut out of any area of human society in terms of accomplishment, actual racial disparity in some particular area would elevate, not diminish the accomplishments of someone from a disadvantaged group.

So those who look to race for a sense of their own superiority do so I suggest based on a sense of their own personal inferiority, so they need the help, as no one wishes to be simply told that their accomplishments are not that big of a deal because they have a genetic leg-up.

Like, consider fashion models.

The new racial dialogue I believe will be a complex one that will go far beyond past ones that were about scared people looking for advantage in a highly competitive society, especially as more people realize that the person claiming supremacy on the basis of race does so because he has nothing else to rely on, so he needs to believe that something built-in gives him at least some worth.

People who value real accomplishment do not value innate advantage as they seek to prove to themselves and others who is the best.

In a world where genetics are increasingly not enough, where people have to learn to be the best, I doubt racial intolerance will gain more traction than it already has as it is instead a sign of fear and weakness.

And in this modern world showing such weakness is increasingly a way to lose.
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