Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Completing DMESE

I've introduced an idea for protecting digital media from unlimited illegal copying which I call Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption or DMESE for short, where the essential part of the idea is that the copying equipment encrypts its own copy where it can read it but it is harder to pass to others, but part of the idea is use of a flash drive so you can pass the copy.

But thinking about it more I realize that now people can do things like pass their master copy around to all their friends who can make copies that way, and while that might be a bit more involved than things are now it might not be enough to satisfy the entertainment industry.

So the completion of the idea is that the copy will work without hassle for 30 days and at the end of the 30 day period, you have to put the master disk back into the drive after which the copy will work indefinitely. That way if people pass their master disk around copiers will need to keep it for 30 days or ask for it back in that time.

I arbitrarily picked 30 days of course as it could be shorter while I think it wouldn't help to be longer. And key to the idea is the copying drive keeping up with each of its copies, but they're all individually encrypted anyway with a time stamp from the original idea.

So now, yeah, someone might still let, say, their close friend make a copy, knowing they'll either have to keep the bought original disk for 30 days or ask for it again, but it'll be a hassle, and the point of all this is making it not worth it, so that it's easier to just buy your own.
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