Saturday, April 2, 2016

Focusing on community with weapons discussion

My position when it comes to weapons is, simply that communities have the right under the US Constitution to defend themselves, all the way up to the biggest national community, which is the country itself.

That community interpretation of the 2nd Amendment is simply powerful, as the point is, that the needs of defense are what's important, and I think those writing it would have thought that obvious and been puzzled by modern debates focusing on individuals.

The reality for politics in the US is that so much is about "the People" which is a community focus. And I can understand those who wish the US Constitution to be an individually focused document, but even when giving substantial individual rights, the health of the nation as a whole was the point.

It IS better for the nation to have a free press for example, to keep the People informed, which importantly outs wrongdoing at all levels. It's healthy for democracy for people to be able to gather peacefully. It's best for freedom to be able speak one's mind publicly, for the nation.

And the nation must defend itself.

So much focus settles on guns though. So it's worth it to talk about them specifically.

One problem I think with debates around certain issues in the US is a refusal to be honest, for instance some people I think DO want to tell every American whether or not that person can own a gun, with the answer being, no. And while to such people their ideals make sense, the US Constitution does not agree. And there is a spectrum there all the way back to another extreme. While it also would probably be ludicrous to those writing the 2nd Amendment am sure, to believe it is saying any individual can own a gun, or carry a gun wherever he chooses. That just makes no sense and is against the needs of the community.

The United States has multiple levels of protection, with individuals empowered at all levels to act in the best interest of their community. And if you wish to go against your community? It is empowered to defend itself from you. As communities in the US can defend themselves against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

James Harris
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