Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hypothetical: What might a President Snowden do?

Let's use our imaginations. Imagine that the efforts of Edward Snowden are revealed to have also outed an unbelievable plot by a foreign power to infiltrate the US and nuke Washington D.C. using our own nuclear weapons which almost succeeded. It nearly succeeded because of unbelievable lapses in security, which Snowden helped reveal. That information is currently classified, but is revealed in the next couple of months. Mr. Snowden becomes a national hero, returns to the US in triumph, is enlisted into a presidential campaign and is elected president of the United States in 2016, and inaugurated in 2017.

In this fictional scenario, what might President Snowden do next?

I think he might direct his Justice Department to begin a series of high level investigations which could lead to federal prosecutions for violations of the US Constitution.

But do we even need to go to such an extreme? Couldn't the next president do that anyway? If so, how is it that we have people who seem to behave as if no one will ever check them on the constitutionality of behavior which Snowden revealed, where we know they violated the US Constitution as you can just read it, see what they did, and know.

Or, if that's too far-fetched for people who haven't actually read the US Constitution, what about those CIA people who were torturing prisoners? What if the next president prosecuted them?

Why are they not afraid?

Our system of government is robust in that in principle it has an indefinite mechanism for the continued life of the nation which involves elections. Last I heard no one has a crystal ball as to who will get elected, which is another barrier against wrongdoing.

Yes, one group of elected leaders might protect you now, but what about the new ones later? You should NOT have any guarantees there, right?

But we're seeing people behave as if they DO have guarantees. They're acting as if they already know who the next president of the United States of America will be!

Hadn't noticed? Then think again. If I noticed, then other people have as well.

We have people behaving today as if they know the political game is fixed, so they will never be prosecuted, which explains why they went so wild! They were not afraid.

But if so, on what basis do they have this certainty? And if they think it is fixed, by whom?

Wish I could get an answer from one of those people, as maybe they already know, to a simple question: who will be the next president of the United States of America?

James Harris
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