Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That vision thing

Recently I had the pleasure of riding a train from California across the country and gained perspective as I looked out over a lot of our beautiful terrain. And sharing some of that perspective I ask you to consider the recent debate about high speed rail lines in the context of vision. Some have been against it, so I think it worth reminding that the United States now does not have a manned space vehicle. You may think that's ok, but our astronauts need to hitch a ride with Russian astronauts on their nation's rockets, or maybe soon with Chinese on theirs.

People who fight against big projects can feel really justified talking about costs that make sense to them, but the direction of humanity itself, and the big picture of leading the future may escape them. And they might shrug at the idea of the mighty United States of America needing other nations to help our astronauts get into space.

I do not.

For those wondering what a loss of American leadership looks like, you can see it with every news story when our astronauts need the help of some other nation to get into space.

That loss happened under Republicans and Democrats who are currently back to arguing, about what?

Do you really care?

The two primary parties of this nation have lost their way, do not know what they are doing, but the consequences are real as American leadership in the world slips away.

Sure they may tell you repeatedly that we're the greatest nation on earth, but since when did we have to brag? Need someone to tell us we're great?

Politicians can SAY anything. But you can feel our nation drift.

High speed rail is just one thing. But how many things will there be that you lose? California moved forward. Other states did not.

It's time to remember America. Remember a nation that got things done without excuses, and without bold claims against evidence like asking other nations to let us hitch a ride.

The best of us understand that our future is waiting to be made through adversity, trial, and overcoming difficulty.

Being human does not get easier.

Accomplishment is not a given.

You never assume you're done. You're always just looking for the next big thing, the next challenge to push, further.

Or you're hitching a ride.

Though I am just one citizen like you I like that vision thing. Let's move ourselves.

Quit waiting on politicians. Let's start another party, and get back to guiding our own destiny as a nation.

Sure, our astronauts may need other people's rockets but we still have plenty of things as a nation and no need to lose any more.

Thought I'd add a picture this time from my trip across country. Think it's fitting. We are at a junction in our nation's history. What will YOU do?

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