Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A political reality

The US Congress got things done last week including a very important bill that addressed national infrastructure, and I'm glad to be able to say nice things about them.

Our government needs to work.

Oddly enough, a massive storm that has created a problem with getting electricity for quite a few people in this nation including in the area of Washington D.C. helps to see the criticality of a working government.

My own position is simple enough about the answer for the purpose of government.

The role of government is to protect and enable its citizens.

Currently crews are racing and working very hard to enable citizens in areas hit hard by a storm to have electricity. I praise their efforts and wish them the best.

Politics is more than talking points, or well-dressed people in suits haranguing each other in far off places, like Washington D.C. as ultimately it is about--who will be there to protect you when things really go really, very wrong?

Who will help when something shatters some part of your life?

People forget when things go well. Our path to HUGE debts was started when the government ran surpluses and people worried we might pay off the national debt! Economists debated if that might be a terrible thing.

We moved down a path, and lead the world down a path, and it is a political reality.

Thinking ahead is not a crime. Politics does not have to move well only when people hurt or find their lives are being destroyed. But that unfortunately does give perspective.

Our nation is changing. That change is being driven by forces outside of people's control.

That is often how it happens. THAT is political reality.

Americans across this nation will celebrate our nation's birthday tomorrow, and along with all the other patriotic themes, thoughts and concerns, I suggest you appreciate seemingly simple things in your life.

Things that seem simple until they are gone, like electricity.

Our government must work for US. We demand that first and foremost as American citizens if we ask for that most critical to its function.

Politics is not about speeches, empty promises or endless debate. It is not about partisan or bi-partisan.

Politics is not a dirty word. It is not something you avoid without cost. It is not that something far away in a distant land called Washington D.C. which you consider only when you must.

Political reality is that politics is your government defending you, enabling you to have the brilliant life possible that we call being an American.

Never forget. It's time to remember America.

Our country, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all is a dream that should never die.

And it depends on a citizenship. A duty of each person.

You will not fail this nation. I believe in YOU, who are the United States of America.

James Harris
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