Monday, December 22, 2008

Two economic forces at work

There is now a remarkable push-pull going on with the global economy as we have, of course, now learned that a lot of people were doing nothing of value but receiving huge financial rewards. They were a net negative creating a massive drag on the world economy which was masked through various means.

Now there has been a collapse of the fraud, rampant dissolution, and silly activities meant only to create the illusion of wealth creation which has been labeled the "financial crisis" which has begun the release of the drag against people who are actually generating real value for the world economy, who will be the engines of real growth in the future.

So there are two forces at work: the collapse of the fraud, giving opportunity for the reality of truly valuable work--not the illusion of it--but negatives as the world balances.

It is the balance all good citizens of the world seek, which is what will take some more time to achieve.
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