Sunday, November 2, 2008

Slow boot times

Link above goes to: The New York Times

Quote from the source:
Digital Domain
30 Seconds to Boot Up? That’s 29 Too Many
Published: November 2, 2008
Unhappiness with boot times is shared by many computer users, as reflected in much online discussion of the issue.

Great article as I'll admit I'm increasingly infuriated by how long my computer takes to boot up, especially when I get to the point when my browser is open and I'm trying to surf the web and the stupid computer is still loading. What is it still loading then?

Clearly I have everything I need as my browser is open and I'm trying to get to sites so what is this other crap I'm paying for with my time that I do not need and do not want?

Maybe someone should get a class action lawsuit together against software companies that do operating systems for wasting our lives and get some monetary compensation for the time we're forced to lose because we have no options with these freaking machines which are increasingly so important.

I want my time back. So I think as a warning to tech companies, speed up these machines before the lawsuits. Please.
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