Thursday, February 22, 2018

Talking mental health

There is a vast amount of knowledge humanity has gained where thankfully our species is better with keeping up with it, in our times. Like in the past so much was transferred by word of mouth, as that's what they had. Then could write some things down. And so on, until computers and modern systems which can keep up with all of it, thoroughly indexed and searchable.

Still certain people need vast amounts of training in that knowledge, and practice using it, and in the medical field that has greatly helped the lives of many.

Which is true for mental health as well where well-trained medical people are gaining more and more knowledge, and regardless, without that knowledge, what can you do? Like with myself, thankfully realized years ago and have often relied on mental health people, and still need that help.

So what's with stigma? Sociologists and other social scientists actually study such things. What I know is that the mind is a mystery humanity has long sought to crack am sure, with MOST progress with basics in our times.

Like there was a time there were those who thought the seat of consciousness was in the heart. And the head was thought to be just the most important part of an air conditioning and heating system. Yeah was way weird. Which I should add I think was more of a European thing. (Am not so much into linking to discussion of debunked theories, so if doubt me can go research yourself.)

But how could they know?

So lots of theories where plenty were wacky, to us today. Back then you had humans struggling to understand something as basic as their own perception of self and each other. And also completely lost when things went way wrong. Sure they had some things here and there that seemed to help sometimes, but nothing like the diagnostic capability and treatment options of medical staff in our times.

Today well-trained medical practitioners still struggle with much, so what chance do those without even that training have? If still ponder, consider with some wound. Do you really want to wing it? Or would you prefer be dressed and treated by the best capable? Some people can dress their own physical wounds, so can be a ready-reference. But even for them, there are limits to what could possibly handle.

And yes limits for the best medical practitioners but they can handle so much more.

Humanity has made much progress and often appropriate people can completely help with certain disorders.

Like did you know they have very effective treatments now for phobias? Like that fear of flying if you have it? Get that worked on. Want to say fixed but apparently folks don't like that word used when it comes to mental health in my experience.

We still have so far to go with understanding all health, including that of the mind. Best when get the best knowledge available from people well-trained.

Oh, and yeah, of course feel free when necessary, to get a second opinion, also from a well-trained medical person. Best ones expect it really. Or should.

That is a reminder for myself as well, as have hesitated at times. But my health is important enough to do all that I can do, especially when is also expected.

James Harris

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When civilization advances

My ability to take for granted advancing human civilization ended with my own major discoveries. And one of my most important was back December 1999, when introduced a new mathematical discipline, which I did not fully realize at the time.

Even when started making major finds, where a very challenging one was revealed to the world in 2004 when a paper had written was published by an at first brave math journal, which then disintegrated a little while after. Why? I had shown that existing accepted mathematical rules allow fake math results. Of course I expected the rules to be changed!

They were not and that was about fourteen years ago now. So now you know, if you believe me, or knew if know of that story that mathematicians around the globe have not only deliberately ignored the next great advance in mathematics, they have also hidden a problem that lets them fake success.

But advancing of human civilization is simply not easy. And reality of intense battles in the battles over ideas is actually not terribly surprising. With my story of course there is a racial component where I like the latest scientific results that race is a social construct. We know it was convenient to a time when slaves were a problem for Americans who claimed to love liberty. Our very Constitution talks about men being born equal with a right to pursuit of happiness, where in our times it is supposed to be people in general, without the gender bias.

Deciding there was such a thing as race where certain races were inferior and simply sub-human so human rules did not apply was a convenient dodge, which has been debunked in our times.

Yet inequalities remain where I have traced out much of that system.

Much of it was created simply by deliberate underpay am now certain. Like when slavery finally ended the former slaves were forced to go work for the people who had enslaved them, who maybe not surprisingly didn't pay them properly. But I now surmise they learned from watching what happened. They also gained control, and also helped them get more rich by simply taking money that had been earned by workers instead of giving it to them.

Soon American business concepts included deliberate underpay, which swept the globe. Businesses learned to leverage information against workers as if were decent business practice to pay them what you could get away with, rather than focusing always on proper pay.

It not only is stealing and helps business people who do it get wealthy at the expense of workers, but it also crushes the human spirit, and can help contain entire human populations. Also somehow the baggage can last. Today if there were any group that should be furious if paid less than they should be? It should be American Black folks, like myself.

I am, if that happens. Though have allowed some after had my major discoveries, just to study it. Have seen weirdly how with others? There is a learned resignation which I believe was learned over 150 years ago.

And in other countries, workers get that new, with deliberate underpay which in essence lets them have a form of part-time slavery which profits quite a few companies including American ones. The great news is that as the web helps people learn how much they should make for their efforts, pay is rising, around the globe.

Yet that was just one thing. And my arrival with a new great advance which helps humanity learn more powerful things upset more than just defunct notions around a social construct concept. My story pushed against a system which also have found included lots of people besides those caught by racial excuse, including women.

With that system deliberate underpay was most vicious for certain groups who could be so targeted based on forces which had brutal strength at a macro level, and have posted on as magnified bias, where consider as a group effect.

So along with Black folks, women could be targeted for deliberate underpay, but also crushed out of success with a certain peculiarity. Even being pushed out of areas where had been ok early, like with computer science, and the film industry in non-acting positions. While there were also limits in any area where intellectual achievement could push against the status quo including, yes, mathematics.

So yeah THAT suppression system has been working against me. So I study it.

Now over 18 years since my major discovery with major discoveries already helping our planet, am gratified to be able to also get answers in other areas. Sure found something wonderful for mathematics, but also was able to give answers that can help people in other areas.

Advancing of human civilization is a wonder. And we know these stories are just part of the grand story which is that of the human species.

May we ever keep discovering. May we ever keep learning.

James Harris

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pondering concept of magnified bias

Was quite a few years ago decided had handled subject of race here on this blog, as to concerns about American racism, and point of it was to be done with subject. Yet also have realized as looked around our globe and in my own country was clear others felt was a continuing concern, and also wondered how well I had handled it for myself, to establish a stable foundation.

Then also found myself stunned like others as learned of relentless predations upon a lot of people, with the news focused much on sexual predation of women in the entertainment industry. While there has also been a lot about sexual predation of males there and in the fashion industry. And even more tragically, children across industries regardless of gender though back to entertainment industry, much was focused on male children as maybe easier targets. See documentary An Open Secret for my primary reference on that one.

Reality has been abuse without regard for gender, including then of course transgender people as well. Just feel like should mention directly.

Yet feel like we DO have a society which condemns assaults against its members, and as the news is poring out, there is effort made to address. But how could it be this bad? And how does relate also to previously brought up concerns with subject of race?

And found myself thinking about early humans who traveled in small groups.

Today we can often find ourselves thankfully in relatively small groups of friends or family, or maybe even co-workers. Where is not like that past when you survived together or more likely died if were alone. And to me? That's powerful training built into us, where modern reality is less so, life and death with your cohorts.

Often when group decisions are made, would find myself at times realizing certain things would be off limits as someone in the group had a tendency to maybe not like something.

But why so powerful? Well imagine in the distant past, and as the group of humans struggling to survive is in an area, one member raises an alarm...suddenly all are tense. They narrowly escape some danger I might only imagine. Group survives till next thing.

Even slight biases maybe not even consciously understood by a SINGLE member of a group of humans might I think be magnified by the group itself. So a group of people who separately are very egalitarian? Very open minded? And very much against any number of social biases? Together may be something different.

How does that relate to all the primary things mentioned? And am not a psychologist or any type of social scientist, but I talk things to understand. But groups of humans might tolerate things that no individual in the group would accept!

Like a group of guys who find they tend to only like action movies with male leads. Who separately may watch regardless of gender. Or a group of women who find they only prefer certain races, where race is a social construct by the way, when you look at their choices as a group, versus what they say or even do individually.

Or people who individually are against sexual assault, but when they get together and talk, you hear them trend to a different attitude where if questioned, they'd insist was joking, and not serious. Where also they can refuse to believe facts, as a group, even when overwhelmingly show abuse occurred. But if talk to individuals? Is believed.

Now consider millions of such groups just in one nation like the US. And magnify biases across these groups maybe even reinforcing each other, as these groups interact.

Have you ever had a conversation that just seemed ok with your friends? Which part of you thought was messed up? Have had those conversations myself. Now I do wonder what I was part of, when had no clue.

Is a theory. Figured was worth putting out here on the web. And again, am not a social scientist. Am a concerned human, looking for useful answers. So what is the answer?

Check the bias if you detect it. Just ask, questions. With real friends? Could simply be enlightening.

James Harris