Monday, July 16, 2018

Challenging facts and my reaction

There is a closer relationship have realized between people who produce content and the portals, like Blogger through which that content flows, because of the potential for information shared. Like am allowed to use Google Analytics here which is a Google decision. Of course Google owns Blogger and Google Analytics but still, is their decision what information they give me, or anyone else that relies upon them.

And was around a decade ago found my worldview severely challenged when web analytics for one of my blogs claimed had visitors from 125 countries/territories is how they put it back then, on Google Analytics. Was my math blog. For curiosity sake, for all of last year was 59 countries, where now is presented that simply. And in those countries tells me was people from 442 cities, speaking 50 languages.

For comparison, according to Google Analytics, this blog for all of 2017 had visits from 7 countries: United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia

(If you know you visited here last year and are NOT from one of those countries you simply were not counted by it for some reason.)

Where were from 29 cities speaking 5 languages: English (US), Finnish, c (?), English (Canada), and French

So can notice how the language count can be a bit odd. Where I have no clue with one of them.

Way back was all very surreal to me. Part of me kept looking for answers from others, until realized how much am forced to be a pathfinder.

And that information is hidden unless I share it. Is shared between Google's company and me from Google Analytics. And have some stats from Blogger as well where can compare.

Even at 59 countries though that is global. And do wonder about that drop from past 125, but these get to be quiet musings for the most part or can chatter about them, like here. And yes, have a good sense now of why such an appeal with my math discovery. While also here which is more political there is primarily an audience that is English speaking and from my own country, the United States.

It is something to process: knowing anything of mine can pull such interest from so many countries.

Where that is not just a year or two, but is a continuing thing, year after year after year.

Back October 2011 posted my ideas for Core Middle Party, which I made up. With seven years from there this year coming up, am a LOT more calm than when wondered where that might go. These days talk as my own personal made-up not official political party. Helps me navigate American and global politics where turns out I need positions, routinely.

In the past there was much shock and anxiety for me, where was fear of the unknown and how to know? Much of my worldview was simply shattered. So much I thought I knew was not right or not applicable, and so much to learn with little guidance. For years muddled along trying to find some solid ground and have noted for a long time simply felt, unsettled.

It is amazing now how little there is from elsewhere. So much information I have from Google and also other sources now with other things, and very little from other places or others. Have learned though to appreciate the quiet.

Are the numbers real? Yup. Google has no reason to lie to me, though have wondered at times. Others can get a sense of that reality as well from web search. Like for my math blog? Can usually just search: some math

Far as I know that is global.

Why so little about a global reality from others, like the press? Who knows. Ask them.

For years ran away from much of it, which I think was a healthy reaction and simply tried to work as best I can and maintain a living while I figured it out. But that became very difficult, where have talked about why in post about professionalism and showing up, as yeah is HARD to focus with such challenging facts.

With years now can shift from anxiety to reasonable fears where can have a better sense of where caution is prudent, and otherwise where have more freedom to do things. While work is still a puzzle, which pushes me to relying on community resources, where have discussed. Like talked in-depth around a recent eviction, and yeah there is pressure to figure things out.

Am a pathfinder which is comforting. There are answers that have not been available to me because they have not been figured out yet. While also I am global, and known or potentially known all over the world.

The revolution that is the modern web is VAST and am just one piece of that puzzle of what will bring. Where am very much motivated to figure out.

James Harris

Monday, April 16, 2018

Working reality and how information rules

Proper business involves providing a socially acceptable product or service for people who can pay, who are usually called, customers.

That business is so simple should be comforting. And many people can consider ready examples of places where if they have the money, and behave like people who value the efforts of others, they can readily obtain things of value to them in exchange for money.

While making money for most involves finding a business where a person can provide a service in exchange for money, which is typically called, pay. That pay should be a simple exchange of value-for-value got lost on some, who learned bad business practice of pay as little as possible which requires leveraging information against others.

For example consider you do some amount of work for someone, where we will keep it simple and say that what you can do is properly valued at $100 US for this arbitrary amount of work, where someone employing you knows THAT is the value. But that person pays you $60 per unit and simply pockets the other $40 US and that is NOT possible unless you have no clue.

That person requires your trust for you to be so betrayed by knowledge you do not have.

Like, who would hand that money to someone else if knew that was the value of the work done? And is the money you should receive if you knew that proper value of your work.

But how do you know? And turns out is a reason for people to discuss how much they get paid for work, so that a community sense of value can protect against ruthless business people who I say, are simply thieves. And someone like me can casually dismiss a lot of wealth in our modern world as simply thievery on a scale few humans apparently can comprehend.

I find that interesting that human beings seem to be woefully inept at preventing this form of thievery. But surmise it went wild with arrival of modern computing technology which apparently makes it easier for ruthless to hide value of work and plenty of folks find it more difficult to figure out value of their work efforts.

Looks like trillions US were simply stolen. Isn't that fascinating? I think it is.

Pay as little as possible for people who do things you need for your business to function? And I want you to go out of business.

Business should simply pay the value of the work received, returning the favor of that work, which is the decent behavior.

As nations learn better, we are starting to realize the human cost of behavior which is just cheating people which can have devastating consequences. I theorize the system arose after American slavery, and was refined by watching the stunning and devastating impact which is still highly visible over 150 years later.

That governments and even civil rights leaders did not focus appropriately on how much cheating people out of money they actually earned with best efforts can crush them psychologically while enriching thieves puzzles me.

Thankfully the web is changing things rapidly in our times.

YOUR information can rule the wealthy and tame the most ruthless among them, if they pursue lawful business. The more we all know about how much work is actually worth is a benefit for our entire global system. It matters for billions of humans who want best lives possible.

To me contemptible humans do things like deliberately take efforts from others, and even cheer them and push them to work hard, only to repay with far less in value.

The web helps people to know. Your best efforts should be properly rewarded.

The amount to pay? Should be the amount of value YOU bring. Better businesses will try to pay you properly, but is up to ALL of us to keep up with the others.

We can no longer as a world accept that cheating people is acceptable business practice.

It never should have been. But lessons from after American slavery were so enticing to some people apparently from the history already made. And eventually taught history will tell you who am sure. The record is still there and as our world transforms, future generations will learn the story better.

James Harris

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Business professionalism and showing up

Years ago in San Francisco found myself concerned while at work, with the realization social media could intrude. Careful to do things on breaks at least a few times found myself drawn to my social media as breaking political news was piling up. Sure was a position I called my day job, since I knew was working to figure out much, but prided myself on my professionalism. And one of the most important basic things as a business professional? Is showing up.

And physically being there at work is of course important, but also mentally being there and completely focused on the tasks at hand is part of business professionalism. My mental focus was wavering at times, and found that distressing though had not to my knowledge negatively impacted my job performance--yet. Where I primarily did data entry at a large insurance company. A position had started as a temp and turned permanent.

My job tasks were many, from handling ordering of office supplies, to some work talking to customers on the phones, but primarily I entered legal invoices into the company database, and also wrote checks for many.

Was a comforting position for me as a solid amount of work, could help me handle my continuing disquiet with web things. And understand better now, as the web has disrupted much.

At THAT time was trying to process learning that my web efforts were routinely garnering attention from over 100 countries.

Like with my own efforts at figuring out math, had found out that my math blog had annual visits from 125, which have repeated often for about a decade now. Yeah, math can draw that kind of attention learned personally.

The web quite simply can leave you--unsettled.

And why wouldn't it? Back then puzzled if the web stats were even real. Like, who were these people all over the world? Why were there no other indicators seemed to me? Where was the HUGE of WHATEVER thought should connect with such a thing as global on that scale? Reflexively looked for what I now realize are celebrity markers based on what I thought I knew primarily from the American entertainment industry.

Was not in an entertainment arena. And now have realized really didn't know much from what television told, and I thought I saw, when would even bother paying attention to celebrity things.

Being a business professional requires that you show up, both mentally and physically for work.

That simple sentence is one I understood then, but what I realize now is, yeah even if you are not sure what exactly it means to be global in our web age that will impact your ability to stay focused in most job arenas. And I wasn't even sure! Maybe one day, it would all click and whoosh!!! Then I would be gone, leveraging my global attention levels appropriately, possibly to have my own business.

Instead found my ability to even manage a day job crumbled. After I FINALLY put up a current picture on the web, and I do not blame that company if that was why I ended up in a general layoff.

Web is so new really. What exactly is the business risk with someone getting attention from around the globe?

For me that is not a question can leave unanswered and is not one where have had a good answer when contemplating employment now. Monetization of the web is a hard problem that is crushing entire industries, or completely remaking them.

Is cool to know your ideas can draw attention that is global.

But then is daunting to realize am a pathfinder. Looking around much am constantly searching for answers as watch others. The global messed me up for a LONG time as expected too much from it. And it still bothers me that with that important thing, figuring out how to make money is not automatically a part of it.

Even the numbers for people still push against my preconceived notions--as how then so few? But do know lots of people are not showing up in how that data is collected. So many countries but registering such a small number of people. Now realize the web stats hint more than tell the full numbers. And now feel is better to ask, how does anyone in this or that country even know who I am, and why would that motivate a visit to one of my blogs? Or to anything I have on the web?

Plenty of times can get a better sense then as can check which parts of blog are drawing interest from where. Is wild, looking over my own writing, and asking myself what brings certain attention from certain countries at a certain time.

Another reason to go self-referential, and pay attention to when I notice some person myself, and learn of interesting stories of others, around the world thanks to the web. Which emphasizes to me, is not the easiest thing really.

This blog is quieter across the board though. Which is also telling.

Never big country numbers as typically around a dozen. That differential helped me realize--is real. If was just some random thing, then would look same across my blogs. Is HUGE reason to have more than one web thing, to compare across them.

While some of my blogs were routinely drawing interest from 50+ countries annually, this one never moved much, even if I tried to promote from the others. Its stats just would not react that I noticed which is yet another web puzzle.

But then again, is just more evidence. People know what they want and go to get what THEY want. I cannot simply direct them this way or that, and myself am same way. Web sites cannot simply direct me in efforts to promote some other web site. I have to have a reason from my own interests to go to one web site from another.

So yeah it does make sense with time and thought. Are real people out there with real needs, and they know why they are doing what they are doing. YOU reading are a real person. My thinking with this post though is like am chatting with someone and talking these things through. Oh and thanks for your interest! Have learned helps me to give that appreciation, as grounds me more. Helps feel real.

Can tell now what draws global more, and even relate to what notice from others. Have tested the potential many ways, while the money struggles continue.

Maybe it is helpful to put out there. Writing a post like this one not only helps me get a better handle, can explain for others and maybe even help others.

The global attention can come ahead of anything else. And that global attention can be disconnected from so much else.

You can struggle massively both to comprehend, process and handle, while being pressured still to work.

And as a business professional, you should show up, which I will do. And my commitment to professionalism will not waver. My focus on work will always be to show up, both physically and mentally. Understanding helps massively, and have a better handle how to maintain my standards still as web things become more...familiar.

Challenges from the web have better helped me appreciate exactly what so much more means.

Welcome the lessons learned, but is much like being forced to get a law degree I tell myself, while needing to get work as a lawyer, while the law is in constant flux. Where replace with having to figure out the web, while needing to somehow get a paying occupation with web impacting much, while the web continues to evolve.

Now I look at struggling INDUSTRIES and am like, oh, ok. You have people with billions US in monetary assets and thousands of people needing to figure it out, and they're still struggling.

Necessity does not create the knowledge. We have to figure it out. And THAT process takes time and immense effort.

James Harris